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Almendros, Barcelona Real Estate Agency, was founded in 1963 by our father Josep Almendros, who opened up a first office in Avenida Diagonal 323. Initially, the agency focused mainly on intermediating the sale and purchase of buildings and lots, but over time we have broaden up our activities to real estate promotion.


Nowadays, two of his children manage the family business: Sergi (Bachelor’s in Veterinary, Real Estate Property Agent (API in Spanish acronyms), Real Estate Assets Administrator and Master’s in Estate and Construction Enterprises Management) and German (lawyer, Real Estate Property Agent (API) and Real Estate Assets Administrator).


After Sergi’s joining the business in 1982 and German’s in 1988, we widen up the scope of our activities adding to them purchasing, selling and renting apartments, houses, commercial spaces and offices.

In 1995, we introduced real estate assets management services and in 1997 we established the estate and condominium property administration department.


The business was growing, and the need for a bigger space became obvious. At the end of 1999 we moved our headquarter offices to a new address: Muntaner Street N. 154, where we currently centralize our property administration activity.

In 2008, and further to our growing real estate activity in Barcelona’s upper side, we opened up a branch office in Amigo St. N. 39. which nowadays has become our commercial department.

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We are proud and satisfied to have succeeded at transforming this enterprise into a multidisciplinary real estate agency capable of offering an integral service to our clients while keeping untouched its family enterprise spirit, and always keeping in our memories the tenacity and tireless working hours our father devoted to the business since its first days.