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What is the purpose of homestaging? As real estate professionals, seeing apartments with great potential sitting idle without generating any sale or rental interest, simply because their current condition does not appeal to potential renters or buyers, is of concern to us.

The pictures, the appearance and condition of a property are decisive factors for selling a property at a good price and in the shortest possible time. Hence the importance of your property looking good; this is precisely the purpose of homestaging: improving the look of your property.

Nowadays, Homestaging is a widely utilized tool that helps you sell or rent out an apartment, store, house or office earlier and at a better price. It consists of a facelift, i.e. a minor renovation that makes your property look more attractive. The key to homestaging is to make it quickly and at a minimum cost for the owner.

If properly done, it represents a minimum investment which, after all, will highlight the full potential of the property for the prospective buyer or tenant, allowing him to develop an optimal idea of ​​the space distribution during the first visit.

This homestaging service will enhance the visibility of your property in the real estate portals where we will have published it; in addition, besides generating more visits, it will even contribute to improving your property’s selling price or rent.



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