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If you need financing for the purchase of your property, we will help you get the mortgage loan that best suits your needs and in the best possible conditions.

We deal on a daily basis with the main banks in Barcelona, ​​and always stay current with their financial offerings. In addition, we have access to special mortgage loans, simply for being members of COAPI.

Time is always pressing, for your purchase is most likely subject to concrete payment deadlines. Hence, we will help you get the financing allowing you to meet the installments foreseen at the time of purchase of you property.

Each mortgage loan is different and the conditions vary depending on the applicant. We will discuss all this with you and help you gather the documents you need; according to your financial needs, we will submit your application to those Banks we consider most suitable.

Once we get replies from the various institutions, we will help you decide which one is best for you, and, after you make your decision, we will follow-up the procedures so that deadlines are met and the mortgage loan is in accordance with the purchase contract.

Our financing advice services when purchasing a property are free of charge for our property buying and selling clients, as well as for our real estate assets management clients.



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