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It is common for property owners enjoying income from their estate not to know whether the return they realize is adequate; or even more, whether they could get higher returns from other types of properties.

The Analysis of Real Estate Assets Profitability we can offer to our clients is a comprehensive study conducted at the end of each year, which clearly allows them to see the net income generated by each property asset as well as the return realized, calculated based on the properties’ present market value.

We add up all the income generated by each property, we break down all expenses incurred and group them into separate headings, and we obtain the net income. Subsequently, after establishing the real market value of the properties, we carry out a profitability analysis and compare it with the previous years, so you can see the financial performance of your real estate assets.

As a property owner, this analysis allows you to have an overview of the annual profitability of your assets; this is a useful tool that helps you determine whether you have a well structured and profitable estate or else, whether you should be divesting some asset and buying a more profitable one.

This annual analysis service is free of charge and exclusive to our real estate assets management clients.



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