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As the owner of a real estate property, whether you live in it or rent it out, you should have it insured against any potential incident (fire, burglary, leak, flood, gas leakage …). Other important aspects to consider as well are assessing properly the potential risks involved and updating the value of the insured capital by keeping the insurance company informed of any refurbishment works in order to prevent any setbacks whenever you need your insurance company.

We recommend property owners to take out a home insurance, and we compel renters to take one out at the time of signature of the rent agreement. By paying beforehand small amounts of money, both, tenants and owners can avoid problems down the road in the event of incidents happening. What is more, both tenants and owners end up saving whenever a serious incident arises.

If you wish to take out a home insurance or insurance for your office space, your commercial space or your condomium property, or, if you wish to take out rent payment insurance, our insurance advisor will assess the available options in the market, and will recommend you which insurance company to work with depending on what your needs are.

Whenever you have a claim, you will only need to inform us about it and that is all. We will contact your insurance company and take care of the entire process, i.e. from filing the claim all the way to claim resolution.  You will also have online access to all the related information, including all of your insurance policies and the status of your claims.

Our real estate insurance advice and contracting services are free of charge for all our existing clients.



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