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Throughout our 30+ years experience in Condominium Property Administration and as Real Estate Management Agency, and especially in recent years, we have received enquiries from people interested in renting out their houses short term (from one month up to one year) in Barcelona for work, medical or holiday reasons.

In 2010, we started actively developing short term rental services in the Barcelona area and we are pleased with the way this business line is evolving: our positioning within the most popular international portals is good; we get excellent comments from users and we reach high occupancy rates.

  • We make sure that the person interested in renting your apartment is able to commit to the monthly rent: we ask for work contracts, pay slips and tax returns, university registration documents, and whatever document is needed to prove the seriousness of the future renter.
  • We also check on the bad renters file held by the Colegio de Administradores de Fincas de Barcelona.

If you own a furnished property and wish that we rent it out short term – from one month to a year – we take over all needed efforts to find as soon as possible the most suitable renter for you:

Whenever you entrust us with the search of a seasonal renter for your apartment or any other kind of property we will follow the protocol explained below:

  • Firstly, we will meet with you to hear about your rental project.
  • We will visit the property in order to determine its price.
  • We will propose to you a realistic rent level – we will not tell you the one you want to hear but the one really corresponding to your property – and we will fix the timeframe for the operation.
  • We will compile and review all documents needed before proceeding to the rent operation (Energy Efficiency Certificate and Warranty of Habitability).
  • We will smarten up your property (homestaging).
  • We will take quality pictures.
  • We will draw floor plans.
  • We will publish the property information and pictures in the most relevant national and international real estate portals specialized in seasonal rentals and in the network of cooperating real estate agencies (MLS), in order to guarantee maximum dissemination.
  • We will display your property in our offices windows.
  • We will program and carry out individualized visits until the most suitable tenant is found (FIM, references).
  • We will negotiate the best conditions, according to your indications.
  • We will draft the rent contract guaranteeing you adequate protection.
  • Upon signature of the contract we can also manage your property, for which we can offer you our specialized condominium property administration services.

All of the above, excluding the condominium property administration services which are fee based, do not require any out of pocket expense for you since fees for this service are at the renters’ expense.



For more information about how we can rent your real estate property, please contact us for a first meeting in our offices. We will be pleased to spend as much time with you as you need.