Having your property insured, whether it is for your own use or if you rent it to third parties, is important in the event of any possible incident (fire, theft, leakage and flooding).

Property insurance

Correctly assessing the risk and updating the insured capital, informing the insurer of the refurbishments carried out, are matters that you should take into account.

Having a property insured is important

We recommend landlords to take out a home insurance policy

We oblige tenants to take out home insurance when they sign a rental contract

By paying a small amount in advance, tenants and landlords save themselves a lot of trouble when it comes to dealing with any incident

Home, office, business premises insurance ...

If you want to take out insurance for your home, office, business premises, an insurance policy for your owner community or one for rent collection, our insurance advisor will assess the different options on the market and recommend which company to take out the policy with.

When an accident occurs

You just have to let us know and forget about it

We will contact the insurance company

We will take care of the whole process, from recording the incident to collecting compensation, if applicable

The property insurance contracting and advice service is free for all our clients

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