Property and owner community management

Do you identify with any of the following deficiencies in the service you receive from your property manager?

Contacting the property manager is difficult for us

We expect to receive a quick response to our queries, and it does not happen

The community accounts do not always add up as we would like them to

The quotes from the contractors are not checked to get the best value for money

We have the feeling that our property manager is overspending

Issues are not followed up, and some take forever to resolve

Annual meetings are not convened as required by law and no follow-up meetings are held

Conflicts that arise between owners are not discerningly and efficiently solved

Over the years our property manager has not kept up to date

They do not have the technological tools for optimal management

We do not have online access to the owner community accounts

I have doubts about the honesty of our current property manager

They are not prepared to hold meetings by videoconference

Change your Property Manager in Barcelona

Those who contact us explain what they expect from a property manager.

Transparency, personal interaction and professional thoroughness

That they think of us and are proactive

Accessible when we need them

Experts, efficient and technologically up-to-date

That they help us optimise expenses

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What does the Property Management service include?

A single contact person for your owner community.
Contact by phone, e-mail, videoconference.
Quick incident resolution.
In-house monitoring team.
Annual audit of ordinary community expenses (cleaning, lift, electricity, insurance, etc.), to obtain the best options on the market and reduce the monthly expenses of each co-owner. We reduce annual expenses by 12% on average.
Budget and deviation control.
Real time accounting and balancing.
Default control.
Account and budget information available online 24/7.
Aimed at increasing the property’s asset value.
Annual meetings: Call, drafting and dissemination of the minutes (in person or by videoconference).

Annual review of the community insurance policy to guarantee maximum coverage.

Issuance of receipts, deposits and one-off expenses on own or manager's account.

Payment of suppliers and employees.

Community rights and obligations.

Setting-up and drafting of the owner community bylaws.

Application and adaptation to current legal regulations.
Legal claims.
Request, monitoring and comparison of quotes.

Preventive control of the property’s condition.

Monitoring and resolution of community breakdowns, in close collaboration with the president.


Property Management Prices in Barcelona

The Owner Community service fees are determined by the number of apartments that each property has (premises, flats and parking spaces) and by the community services available (caretaker, number of lifts, community heating, community garden or pool, etc.).

We do not apply a standard rate. Our fees are adapted to each owner community. The indicative monthly price is €6 to €10 per entity.

What do our clients say?

Before choosing them, I checked with three property managers in Barcelona for my community. With them everything is easy, and they keep their promises. They know the real estate market, I personally connect, and their openness conveys a lot of confidence. They also know how to handle conflicts between owners.

Álvaro B.

As landlords, we have had an excellent experience with FINCAS ALMENDROS. They have managed to find serious and solvent tenants very quickly! We will continue working with them, we fully recommend them!

Helene T.

I would like to highlight their personal manner, sensitivity and human touch, together with a team of professionals who have constantly provided me and my family group with up-to-date, decisive, fast and reliable real estate advice and management since the year 2000.

José P.

We had a dull, dodgy and irresolute property manager in Barcelona. They have been clear and transparent from the start. They think about what is best for you without profiting from it. They are decisive with a clear focus on providing you with a professional service.

Álex S.

My experience with Almendros has always been excellent, I have several apartments in Barcelona. They manage the rent for me, and I have taken a few apartments to live in. The manner, professionalism, speed, facilities and clarity of information have always been excellent. I recommend this real estate agency in Barcelona to anyone who needs these services.

Álex C.

My experience managing the flat for seven years and now its sale has been unbeatable, without any problem or concern, they take care of everything with professionalism, seriousness and effectiveness. THEY ARE A GREAT TEAM! Thank you very much for the peace of mind and comfort you have given me.

Edita L.

Over the last few years, I have used Almendros’ rental management services and have always received more than adequate assistance. They are always willing to take the necessary steps to process matters quickly and efficiently. Great professionalism and excellent customer service.

Jaume B.

The old-school estate managers we had were not dynamic. At Almendros, they analysed our property assets, and since 2008 they have provided us with a smooth, reliable and optimal service for people who do not have time to deal with such things.

Pere P.

It is actually in difficult times when working with excellent professionals is most appreciated. They know how to advise you and provide the best service to the landlord and tenant. A relationship that will continue for many years to come. Thank you Germán, Mercedes, Natalia and the rest of the team.

Inés G.

We wanted to professionalise our property asset management and looked for someone who could offer us a comprehensive real estate service. They are experts, friendly and with whom I and my family feel supported at all times.

Joaquin V.

We had a property manager, who gave us little explanation. Too many acquired rights in a highly opaque sector. I empathise with them, they are professional, transparent, clear and always available when I need them.

Joan M.

I have known Almendros for many years, when we bought our apartment and also since they manage our owner community. They are impeccable, professional and efficient. They offer transparency, security and peace of mind.

Gretel B.

In other real estate agencies in Barcelona, I used to talk to employees who were not involved. They are meticulous, easy to communicate with and direct. They put themselves in your shoes, they work slowly but surely. They are professional, and all this gave me security in the sale of my apartments.

Santiago V.

At Almendros, they have a great marketing team, but more importantly, also a great legal team that advises on any type of transaction from start to finish, which is their great advantage over the usual competitors. Seriousness, speed and perfect results.

José M.

They started to manage a property for us, and I immediately liked the way they work. They are reliable, defend your interests and offer me a fast service both in person and online.

Jaume R.

I was in charge of managing my apartment’s rent, and doing so was giving me a lot of problems. This saves me the trouble, and I do not need to worry about anything. They are fast and decisive, offer me a global service for a very reasonable price and also put themselves in my shoes.

Pablo C.

I have been a tenant of Almendros for five years. Whenever there were repairs, they were always friendly, helpful and very kind. I was surprised that, at contract termination, they returned my deposit in full! If I had to sell/rent my house, I would definitely rely on them, their quality of service, seriousness and honesty.

Ana E.

I had got very good references, and our property manager was out-of-date. They have a responsive team that is up to date with their property management. They are friendly, empathetic and professional. Moreover, they call me whenever a good real estate opportunity arises.

Pau G.

They are friendly, reliable and always provide me with excellent service. They solve all the problems that may arise. I do not want to manage my apartments, and that is what I want a manager for.

Joan R.

I put my apartment up for sale with Almendros, and everything went perfectly. I was promptly informed of visits every week until it was sold. The whole process was very fast and efficient. I have no complaints whatsoever and would recommend them without hesitation. Thank you so much for everything. Especially Sandra and Sergi. Greetings from Tenerife.

Ignacio A.

Very human and professional team. Thank you for all the services provided; a real estate company to recommend without any hesitation.

Santi B.
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