The real estate market is constantly changing, and the value of real estate is constantly changing.

Property valuation

We value all types of real estate: apartments, plots of land, premises, industrial buildings, offices, buildings with or without tenants, mixed buildings.

We value for the following purposes


Property analysis

Distribution of inheritance

Dissolution of joint property ownership

Separation and divorce

Procedures in the companies register

Filing or answering lawsuits in court

How we carry out property valuations

Our property valuations, whose rates depend on each case, are valid for any official body (except for mortgage appraisals) and are endorsed by the Barcelona Association of Real Estate Agents.

To carry out the valuations we follow these steps

We meet with you to know the needs of the valuation and any element that may have an impact on it

We collect the necessary documentation: deeds, rental contracts, IBI (property tax), service charges, plans …

We visit the property to check its condition

We carry out a market study

We analyse the data obtained, issue the report and the appraisal certificate

We obtain the approval from the Spanish Association of Real Estate Agents

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