The Property Profitability Analysis we offer you is a study we carry out at the end of the year, in which you will see the result obtained by each real estate asset and the profitability that it represents with regard to the updated market value.

How do we do it?

We calculate the income that each property has had

We break down all the expenses grouped into different items

We get the annual net profit

Preparation of real estate analysis

Subsequently, after valuing the property at real market value, we prepare the analysis and compare it with that of the previous year, so that you can see the financial evolution of your real estate assets. This analysis will give you an overall idea of the annual performance of your real estate assets.

A very useful tool

To find out if it is preferable to divest in order to buy assets that provide greater profitability to your portfolio

To assess whether you have well-structured and profitable assets

Real estate asset analysis service rates

This service is free and exclusive for our real estate asset management clients.

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