Real estate valuation and appraisal

The real estate market and the value of properties are constantly changing. When you need a property appraisal in Barcelona, it is important that it is well documented and that it is performed by an experienced professional.

Property Insurance

As the owner of a property, whether you own it or rent it to third parties, is important that you have it insured against any possible incident (fire, theft, leakage and flooding).

Legal and Contractual

It is very common to need legal and contractual support in the real estate sector, both in managing estates and communities, as well as in managing property assets or in sale and rental transactions.

Works and refurbishments

Refurbishing your home, premises or office can be a strenuous task and may require much more time than you have. For such cases, we boast an extensive network of industrialists capable of repairing anything from a faucet to building a house from scratch.


If you need financing to purchase a property, we will help you get the mortgage that best suits your needs and under the best conditions. We deal with several of the main banks in Barcelona on a daily basis and are always up to date as to their financial offers.

Home Staging

What is home staging for? If there is one thing that worries us as professionals in the real estate sector, it is seeing apartments with great potential go unlet or unsold for some time, simply because their condition does not generate visits or interest from potential tenants or buyers.

Real estate asset analysis

There are many owners who enjoy the income from their property assets without knowing if it is well-sized financially and if they could achieve higher returns by investing in other types of properties.

Rent default insurance

The rent default insurance guarantees the landlord the collection of rents from tenants who do not pay the rent. The annual premium is 40% of the amount of a monthly payment.